2022-01-25 Frank DuncanAdd test coverage check 0.x
2022-01-14 Frank DuncanAdd contributing
2022-01-14 Frank DuncanAdd AGPL license and references to it
2022-01-14 Frank DuncanAdd ability to specify first line copyright notices
2022-01-12 Frank DuncanMigrate from github to consxy
2021-12-27 Frank DuncanRename projects, docgen->sheep, checkstyle->wolf
2021-12-19 Frank DuncanMigrate from travis to candle
2016-04-18 Frank DuncanImproving travis functionality
2015-08-13 Frank DuncanAdd documentation and docgen
2015-07-24 Frank DuncanAdding travis
2015-07-13 Frank DuncanCreated README
2015-07-13 Frank DuncanPreparing for release 0.1
2015-07-13 Frank DuncanAdd exception for package.lisp
2015-07-13 Frank DuncanAdd pretty printing
2015-07-13 Frank DuncanAdd exception for strings
2015-07-13 Frank DuncanExceptions for comments
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanCheck for multiple spaces in form
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanCheck for indent level in forms
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanCheck for spaces/newlines after opening a form
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanNo hanging close parens
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanCheck that toplevel multiline forms must be separated...
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanCheck for internal symbols
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanCheck for duplicated empty lines, empty at end of file
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanNo tabs
2015-07-12 Frank DuncanCheck whitespace at end of lines
2015-07-11 Frank DuncanOnly one in-package per file
2015-07-11 Frank DuncanAdd check for long forms
2015-07-11 Frank DuncanAdd long line check
2015-07-11 Frank DuncanAdd package check