2021-12-27 Frank DuncanDocgen, checkstyle project renames silent
2021-12-27 Frank DuncanAdd environments for running
2021-12-27 Frank DuncanExclude .git directory when transferring over files...
2021-12-26 Frank DuncanAdd specifying task to candle run
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanUpdate documentation a little
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanAdd .candle file
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanAdd documentation for all the exported symbols
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanSatisfy style checker
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanFix bug where inactive branches were counted as failures
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanFix save thread not actually saving, increase to 5...
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanUse utils logging
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanMove server cli into repository with its own file
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanInclude projectname in job output
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanInclude branch failing information in project list
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanRefactor project not exist error
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanFailures handles invalid project name gracefully
2021-12-18 Frank DuncanFormalize errors and error handling
2021-12-17 Frank DuncanHandle shutdown gracefully
2021-12-16 Frank DuncanClean up output on candle-server
2021-12-16 Frank DuncanChange local runs to use rsync/candle to capture errors
2021-12-16 Frank DuncanAdd job retry
2021-12-16 Frank DuncanRefactor job arguments to use subcommands
2021-12-15 Frank DuncanRefactor project cli
2021-12-15 Frank DuncanAdd project failures command
2021-12-15 Frank DuncanUpdate date/time format to include zeroes correctly
2021-12-15 Frank DuncanAdd aws processor, refactor processing a little
2021-12-12 Frank DuncanAdd project listing
2021-12-12 Frank DuncanChange project options in subcommands, refactor cli
2021-12-12 Frank DuncanAdd job --log
2021-12-12 Frank DuncanChange candle project --history to candle job
2021-12-12 Frank DuncanFix typo in error message
2021-12-12 Frank DuncanRefactor job information for --show and --history
2021-12-12 Frank DuncanAdd project --history
2021-12-12 Frank DuncanAdd job processing, local disk processing
2021-12-11 Frank DuncanAdd project --refresh
2021-12-11 Frank DuncanAdd project --show
2021-12-11 Frank DuncanChange job when-run to create-date
2021-12-11 Frank DuncanAdd project refresh
2021-12-11 Frank DuncanRemove cli based add-job
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanAdd project deletion
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanClone project when adding
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanCheck git location is valid when adding project
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanAdd git interface function
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanAdd *candle-dir*
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanAdd check for legal project name
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanAdd project adds to server
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanLaunch save thread before the listener
2021-12-10 Frank DuncanQuiet system loading where asdf puts egregious warnings out
2021-12-09 Frank DuncanHandle task failure correctly
2021-12-09 Frank DuncanSource registry should work from cwd, not cwd/src
2021-12-09 Frank DuncanUpdate documentation to include local run
2021-08-13 Frank DuncanMake it so the candle script loads asdf based on its...
2021-08-13 Frank DuncanDocument run
2021-08-13 Frank DuncanUpdate documentation for design plan
2021-08-13 Frank DuncanVersion 1 of local running
2020-12-23 Frank DuncanMove cli code into main source directory
2020-12-21 Frank DuncanInitial functionality, basic client, data model and...
2020-12-17 Frank DuncanAdding sbcldeps and ci to aws-remote
2020-12-17 Frank DuncanAdd initial aws-remote